Current projects

Here are some of my ongoing projects








I co-edit the blog, Critical Investigations into Humanitarianism in Africa (CIHA) Blog ( to bring critical and religious voices into debates about humanitarianism, representation, and decoloniality in Africa. CIHA blog is a cross-continental, ongoing academic/NGO blog with Co-Editors based in Africa (University of Ghana, University of KwaZulu-Natal, University of Gaston Berger, and the Hekima Institute of Nairobi) and North America (UCI and University of Rochester), commissioned posts, news and discussion; brings together scholars and students in the humanities, social sciences, religious, medical and public health fields with NGOs to discuss and debate how humanitarianism is imagined and practiced in Africa, focusing on its religious dimensions (critiques and contributions). In addition, CIHA Blog Co-Editors have joint book and journal projects in various stages of completion (stay tuned!).

We also have an online course that brings together students from across the African continent with those from across the University of California system. We at CIHA are grateful for funding from the Henry Luce Foundation and the University of California.













With Nadine Machikou, Tatiana Fouda, and Dairou Bouba, I am conducting research on women’s religiosity in Cameroon, funded by the Contending Modernities project at the University of Notre Dame.



I am working on a book on Christian and Muslim FBO ethics in the midst of global discourses on the war on terror and neoliberal humanitarianism. I am grateful to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for funding interviews across East, Central, West and South Africa, Europe and the Middle East.


I am part of the Global Governance Forum Working Group on the Peaceful Resolution of International Disputes and Rethinking the International Peace and Security Governance Architecture.